1st Post & Origin Story - Personal Trainer to Web Dev

1st Post & Origin Story - Personal Trainer to Web Dev

Hey, I’m Jess and I run the account @lift_eat_code on Twitter.

This is my first post and origin story.

Growing up, my dream career choices were sports or something involving computers.

From when I was a kid to my 20s, I played every sport.

At 12, I built my first computer by reading documentation and coded an X-Files fan site.

It's true, I was a weird kid. Either I spent hours outside playing basketball, locked up in my room playing Final Fantasy 7, or reading about "The Unexplained".

Fast forward a bit. Like a lot of bit.

In the past several years, I have worked remotely with multiple successful supplement and fitness start-up brands as a nutrition coach and trainer.

During my career, I helped thousands of women reach their fitness goals through competitions, several-week programs, and even post-program maintenance.

You may think, “that’s cool and all, but how does this relate to web development?”

Good question.

As a trainer, I ran into a lot of problems that inspired me to learn how to code.

We all know starting a fitness journey is confusing because it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Health and fitness have been hijacked by marketing.

Many websites use deceptive copy to sell supplements, questionable fitness routines, and poor User Experience (UX).

Often, users don't get the simple features they need.

It made me dream about building an app specifically for women who wanted to learn how to lift with enough free info to get started. As soon as I bought a domain, I started learning what it would take to get it running.

And then COVID happened.

In my feeds, I kept seeing ads for Web Development.

My desire to learn grew: Imagine if I could make quality apps and websites that connect people with fitness info.

All of a sudden, everything clicked.

I married my original passion for fitness to tech by becoming a trainer and nutrition coach who can code.

With my appetite for learning to make websites supercharged, I was hooked.

I quit working for startups as a trainer and committed to becoming a developer.

As of July 2021, I am a freelance Web Developer. As of February 2022, I'm also a Software Engineer at 100Devs.

That free lifting app for women is currently being built. UI / UX is also being done in Figma, by me!

All things web development are fascinating to me, so I couldn't resist learning design.

Want to help decide what looks best? Make sure to follow me on Twitter for design polls.

Why write this blog?

Blogging is scary, but I'm willing to be a masochist to grow.

From feeling frustrated with fitness apps to building them, I'll look back fondly on my journey.

Maybe I'll find a way to help others through blogging, too.

What’s in it for you?

Laugh at my pain. Celebrate wins with me.

Discover some new things about fitness and nutrition.

I've got a bunch of ideas for posts that developers will love!

There's a lot I can share that might help you.

Oh, and did I mention laugh at my pain?

Until next time...

You're a real one if you made it this far.

If you're reading this, I'd love to hear from you!

Do you have a blog? If so, how was starting a blog for you, and what tips can you give?